Increased Machining Capacity at NBT

NBT has once again increased machining capacity with the addition of a new Doosan Mynx 5400/50 Vertical Machining Center. This ultra-modern precision machine tool features a 40” x 21” x 21” xyz machining capacity and super-rigid construction with large, box-type ways for extraordinary accuracy and superior surface finishes. The 50-taper spindle, driven by a two-step gearbox, delivers exceptionally high torque and covers a broad spectrum of tough machining applications such as hi-temp, high-tensile and hardened metals.

Our new Doosan Mynx VMC is the latest addition to our ever-increasing precision manufacturing capabilities. At NBT Machining we are committed to ongoing investment in the most advanced machine tools in order to keep up with growing demand from our customers. You can count on NBT Machining for the resources and experience you need to meet your requirements, and to help you remain competitive now and into the future.

Wind Turbines, Load Cells and Load Pins

In addition to commercial, aerospace, food service, and automatic labeling, NBT Machining has recently added wind turbines, load cells and load pins to the growing list of industries that we serve. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing operations are geared toward flexibility, and our decades of precision machining knowledge and expertise allow us to take on a wide variety of jobs from an ever-increasing array of industries.

At NBT Machining we have extensive experience with materials ranging from aluminum to titanium to hi-temp and aircraft alloy steels. Our large machining capacities – up to 100” long & 50” in diameter – means that we can handle your requirements from small to large parts, and in quantities from prototype to full production runs. Whatever your precision manufacturing requirements, chances are that NBT Machining has a cost-effective solution. Contact us today and find out what NBT Machining can do for you.

NBT Machining Adds In-House Processing

NBT Machining is pleased to announce that we now offer in-house certified welding, precision honing and lapping services in addition to our state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities. By bringing these previously outside processes inside, we can accomplish these operations in hours instead of days; saving our customers valuable time and money. This enhanced process control also works to smooth our work flow and increase the overall integrity and quality of our manufacturing operations.

Effective process control is just one more way that NBT Machining manages costs and shortens lead times in order to offer our customers the best possible prices and the fastest, most reliable deliveries.

NBT Machining Serves a New Industry

NBT Machining has recently produced and shipped component parts and assemblies for the automated labeling industry. Like the food service industry that NBT has served for years, the labeling industry requires precision-made, durable components and assemblies. The unusually wide range of manufacturing capabilities at NBT Machining is a perfect match for this complex and demanding work. “We are able to use our extensive experience with precision-built components and complex assemblies to provide excellent service for our new labeling customers,” explains Teddy Rawson, president. “We have received great feedback on our high level of quality and our responsiveness to scheduling and other requirements.” NBT Machining is proud to add the labeling industry to our growing list of satisfied customers.

NBT Installs AutoCAD® LT

NBT Machining has purchased the latest version of AutoCAD® LT to support its customers’ CAD/CAM requirements. “Our customers needed to send us digital data sets containing their drawings and requirements,” explains Teddy Rawson, president. “We responded with industry standard CAD/CAM software, complete with full translation capabilities. We even purchased a D-size plotter so we can print out the drawings.” NBT Machining uses the information in the customer furnished CAD files to increase the speed and accuracy of its CNC programming and to enhance the quality of the finished product. State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology is yet another way that NBT Machining provides exceptional value for its customers.

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